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Sister Lawrence Marie Hayden, FMSC
1925 ~ 2014

Sr. Lawrence Marie Hayden, FMSC I was born in Little Ferry, NJ on July 21, 1925 to Charles and Lillian Hayden. My sisters Carla and Marilyn, came later. I was baptised Lillian Estelle in St. Mary's Church in Hackensack, NJ and five years later I made my first Holy Communion.

I went to school at St. Joseph's in Bogota, NJ staffed by our Franciscan Sisters. They were so dedicated to our spiritual and educational formation. Little did I know that I would meet them later on in my life.

I went to Bogota High School. Among all the subjects I studied, the Business Curriculum was my forte. These subjects intrigued me so much that I was asked to be the bookkeeper for the school cafeteria.

Since I attended public high school I attended Religion classes by the Carmelite Fathers of my parish. During these years I did altar work on Saturdays, led the children in processions, and attended Monday night Novenas in honor of the Blessed Mother.

During my senior year I met my former 7th grade teacher, Sr. Grace Vincent. Sister asked me if I thought I would like to become a nun. I said, "No, I am going to be a bookkeeper."I never gave it another thought! One night I awoke and said to myself, "Why can't I stay asleep?" and answered myself, "I know, I want to be a nun!" My instant decision went so deep in my heart and soul that I knew it was the Will of God for me. I didn't or wouldn't question it.

My parents thought I was too young and should wait a year. I accepted this as God's will. The guidance teacher steered me into a position ar Emigrant Savings Bank in NYC. I went for an interview and got a job in the auditing department. It was a fine place to work. At the request of my mother I remained there a second year.

Sister in the 1940's In September 1945, with a free heart, I was accepted as a postulant in our Community. I eagerly sought to do the Will of God forever. There was a pang in my heart thinking that I would never do bookkeeping again nor would I ever again see a piece of chocolate cake! As a postulant I was a group mother with Sr. Mary Robert to 8th grade girls in St. Joseph's Home. As a novice I baked the hosts that would be consecrated at Mass, which was a joy! After my profession in 1947 I taught 1st grade in Assumption School in Peekskill for three years. In those days there were at least 63 children in the 1st grade. I still hear from some of my students today.

I left Assumption to work in the business office of St. Joseph's Home. It was a good feeling to return to the work I felt called to - what I thought I gave up forever! When Mother Cecilia visited from Rome she decided that my ministry would be better served outside this office. I was sent to the Assisium Business School in NYC to teach typing. Three years later I went to Ladycliff College in Highland Falls to assume the position of College Bursar. During these years I completed my BA at Ladycliff and earned a MBA from NYU. My fifteen years at Ladycliff were very happy ones.

Sister in 1986 In 1972 I was appointed Provincial Treasurer. Eleven years later I was employed by the Archdiocese of New York, working for the Commission of Interparish Finance, where I met many wonderful priests and sisters.

In 1986 I left the Commission as I was appointed Administrator of the American Province. Nine months later I was elected Provincial, serving for 8 years. The next three years found me working back at the Assumption Rectory! I left this ministry due to failing health, but in 2003 was recycled and again took on the job of Provincial Treasurer.

In retirement Sister said that, "Whatever the future holds is the Will of God and He will hold me in the palm of His hands."

Sister passed on to her eternal rest on March 24, 2014. Our lives and vocations are so much richer for her 67 loving years of service. We seek our consolation in knowing that she is in the loving arms of our Father.




Prayers for our Sisters born into Eternal Life in 2012

As we think of Sister Theresa Charles, we remember a woman of great talent and strong faith. Sister's steadfast determination allowed her to influence so many young people during her years of teaching; her compassion for those who were sick of suffering energized her to give much of her time to our own infirmed sisters and to those patients in the hospital. Sister was always ready to help those in need, and to find "just the things that someone was looking for". Theresa, we ask your intercession today to help us all to seek the things we really need to build up God's kingdom; help us to do this with generosity and with humility and great love.

We remember Sister Bernadette Zaleski as a sister filled with energy, joy, and spontaneity; someone who loved to be the life of the party and found real Franciscan joy each day. As we remember her in her last phase of her life, we can't help but see her long-suffering, her patience, and her total dependence upon God and His will for her through her incapacities. Bernadette, pray for us and help us to accept whatever God's will is for each of us. Help us to strengthen our spirit of Franciscan joy.

Remembering Sister Peter Marie, we see our sister who endured much suffering throughout her life. Her dedication to her friends, her family, and her vocation were the sources of strength which enabled her to follow God's plan for her life. Peter, intercede for our community, that the Lord may send us strong and vibrant new members to carry on his work.

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